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For close to two decades, Candice Washington has transformed account management and growth for entrepreneurs, corporate companies, and non-profits through a distinct focus on client experience. The foundation of all her work points to value the role client experience plays in business. Experiences shape people and therefore business and brand relationships.

Through a data driven approach, her strategy ambitiously prioritizes customer relations and implementing effective processes that progress expansion and retention. She has counseled businesses diverse in size and industry, including attorneys, branding and design firms, nonprofits, business coaches, government agencies, sole proprietors, and startups.


After an early corporate sales career in Sports & Entertainment, Candice moved into the nonprofit space, specializing in local and national educational services. Her commitment to nurturing client relations cultivated distinct program growth for government educational programs, universities, and school districts. As a program director and development manager, she strengthened community initiatives and created new business opportunities for work study and employment development programs, expanding programs that offer jobs to students, subsidized tuition, and improve graduate school accessibility. Her stakeholder acumen solidified relationships with corporations like Eli Lilly, Deloitte & Touche, Ice Miller, and Dow AgroSciences.

While working with institutions of higher education, she was responsible for the growth of a ten-state market region and the relationships between offices of each institution. Through tactical growth plans, she translated customer insights and enhanced internal processes that resulted in a multiple account annual growth of 325%. During her time at Kaplan Test Prep, she notably grew a seven-figure market by 22% and contracted business 450% above the monthly revenue target.

Fostering client relations and profitable business practices led to being known as The Client Curator®, a moniker that helped launch her own business consulting company, Joi Lesan Consultancy, in 2019, coaching startups and entrepreneurs. While maintaining independent consulting efforts, she expanded into Chief Client Experience Officer, and later Director of Operations, for a sales, coaching, and consulting startup. She oversaw yearlong mentorship programs that assisted businesses in navigating offers, client feedback, KPIs, and revenue data while helping them establish effective processes in communication, client experience, staff productivity and resolution management.

In the past three years, her firm has helped businesses identify thousands of dollars in additional revenue from existing clients while simultaneously mitigating losses. As an experience and process strategist, she has written more than 50 business SOPs and remains committed to transforming traditional B2C practices to more client-centered operations. When she’s not offering resolution-based coaching, Candice is creating content for her podcast, The Raggedy Business Report®, serving as a trip leader for an international travel group, and enjoying mixing luxury and fast fashion styles. 

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